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US economy returns to pre-pandemic level but misses growth forecasts

US GDP grew 6.5% in the second quarter of 2021, but fears of a slowing recovery persist

The US economy has returned to its pre-pandemic level despite growing at a weaker rate than expected.. - source: The Guardian - 29.07.2021

Cautious optimism over Covid as inflation hits three-year high

Our latest snapshot of key economic indicators finds supply chain disruption and a dip in house prices

Continue reading... - source: The Guardian - 29.07.2021

Johnson may block Chinese takeover of UK’s largest computer chip maker

Post-Brexit trade adviser Tony Abbott ‘heartened’ by review into takeover of Newport Wafer Fab

Boris Johnson may block a Chinese-owned company from purchasing the UK’s.. - source: The Guardian - 27.07.2021

Failure to help poor countries fight Covid ‘could cost global economy $4.5tn’

IMF calls on rich nations to help halt spread of infectious variants through countries with low vaccination rates

Larry Elliott: Global economic recovery from Covid could go wrong

The world.. - source: The Guardian - 27.07.2021

The IMF is right: global economic recovery from Covid could go wrong

Better-off countries should be concerned by the north-south divide caused by the pandemic

Failure to help poor countries ‘could cost global economy $4.5tn’

Given the ebbs and flows of.. - source: The Guardian - 27.07.2021

Bank of England: Moves to curb inflation would be premature, warns policymaker

Monetary policy committee member says Britain’s economy is still recovering from Covid pandemic

Britain’s economy is not out of the woods and the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.. - source: The Guardian - 26.07.2021

Labour announces launch of ‘new deal for working people’

Keir Starmer says initiative to provide good jobs is necessary as economy emerges from Covid crisis

Labour is to launch a “new deal for working people” this week, as Keir Starmer seeks.. - source: The Guardian - 25.07.2021

Labour must say it out loud: Brexit needs to be reversed

In Northern Ireland, the Leavers’ folly is now manifest. How can the opposition stay silent about the root cause of the crisis?

‘He did not want to die until Brexit was reversed.”.. - source: The Guardian - 25.07.2021

Workers in south-west England hardest hit by Universal Credit cut

TUC says high proportion of people who will be affected by planned £20-a-week benefit cut are in work

The south-west of England will have the highest proportion of low-income workers.. - source: The Guardian - 22.07.2021

Number of UK factory workers rising at fastest rate for almost 50 years

CBI says post-lockdown surge likely to break output records but leaves industry with acute cost pressures

The number of people employed in Britain’s factories rose at its fastest rate in.. - source: The Guardian - 22.07.2021

Central banks can’t reduce inequality – it’s time for ministers to act

Central bank policies have enriched the wealthy – bold politicians must start redistributing wealth

In the Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful People for 2012, Ben Bernanke, the.. - source: The Guardian - 21.07.2021

UK public services face cuts of up to £17bn, says IFS

Government on track to spend billions less than planned before pandemic, warns thinktank

Rishi Sunak is poised to usher in cuts to public services of up to £17bn compared with the.. - source: The Guardian - 20.07.2021

Tight policy not the right policy, says Bank of England expert

Monetary policy committee member warns against choking off UK economy to combat inflation

The Bank of England would risk choking off recovery with an over-hasty tightening of policy to.. - source: The Guardian - 19.07.2021

London attracts almost half foreign investment into UK, says ONS

New figures highlight challenge faced by government in levelling up the British economy

The government’s challenge in levelling up Britain’s economy has been highlighted by new official.. - source: The Guardian - 19.07.2021

Sir Martin Sorrell’s S4 Capital reports ‘post-pandemic rebound’ in economy

Advertising and marketing company upgrades profits despite growth of Delta Covid variant

Sir Martin Sorrell’s advertising and marketing company S4 Capital has reported booming business.. - source: The Guardian - 19.07.2021

Guns, gangs and ‘bad aid’: Haiti’s crisis reaches full throttle

Incessant foreign meddling and corrupt elites have ensured life for Haitians remains mired in violence and poverty. President Moise’s assassination marks an escalating catastrophe

The.. - source: The Guardian - 19.07.2021

MPs call for ‘long overdue’ reform of council tax property values in England

Tax is becoming increasingly regressive to the detriment of more deprived areas, committee says

MPs are urging the government to carry out a “long overdue” reform of council tax.. - source: The Guardian - 19.07.2021

Inflation isn’t out of control yet, governor, but can you reassure us it won’t be?

The Bank of England’s Andrew Bailey needs to say what he will do if the rate of price increases – already 2.5% – remains high

The UK’s annual rate of consumer price inflation was.. - source: The Guardian - 18.07.2021

Bank of England ‘addicted’ to creating money, say peers

BoE must be more transparent and justify use of quantitative easing, says Lords report

The Bank of England risks becoming addicted to creating money and needs to come clean about how it.. - source: The Guardian - 15.07.2021

How does Boris Johnson plan to ‘level up’?

The PM’s plans have been described as rhetoric and the detail is sometimes vague, but here is what we know so far

What does “levelling up” mean? The prime minister has faced repeated.. - source: The Guardian - 15.07.2021