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Andy Haldane will be a tough act to follow at Threadneedle Street

Outgoing Bank of England chief economist was seen as a maverick thinker alongside more cautious colleagues

Had Labour won the 2019 general election, there is a good chance that Andy Haldane.. - source: The Guardian - 13.04.2021

Andy Haldane to leave role as Bank of England chief economist

Prominent economist to become chief executive of the Royal Society of Arts thinktank

Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist and one of its most prominent public figures, is.. - source: The Guardian - 13.04.2021

Turkey’s economic turmoil drives Bitcoin frenzy

Investors turn to cryptocurrency after Erdoğan’s sacking of central bank governor caused further fall in lira

The neighbourhood teahouse is a focus of daily life across Turkey, an.. - source: The Guardian - 13.04.2021

National debt: critics cry hypocrisy as Republicans oppose Biden spending

The GOP says the $2tn infrastructure plan is too big. Democrats say Trump cut taxes and ‘spent like a drunken sailor’

The response was as uniform as it was predictable.

Related:.. - source: The Guardian - 11.04.2021

Biden’s plans for a global corporate tax rate could make the world a fairer place

If it can be achieved, the president’s goal will transform the economic balance of power

More than a decade has passed without any progress in bringing the global tax system into the.. - source: The Guardian - 11.04.2021

Britain is ‘bouncing back’ into the same old economy

Hopes of a rapid recovery overshadow the fact that the Tories have failed to reinvent the way the UK does business

In some government circles, the excitement before Britain’s opening-up.. - source: The Guardian - 10.04.2021

Sunak urged to back corporate tax plan ‘worth £13.5bn a year’

Campaigners say US global blueprint would help raise billions from multinationals and tech giants

Rishi Sunak has been urged to throw his full weight behind US proposals for a global.. - source: The Guardian - 09.04.2021

How would a global minimum tax work and why is it needed?

The Biden administration wants to end profit-shifting to tax havens by big tech firms and other multinationals

Tax systems around the world have been increasingly left behind in recent.. - source: The Guardian - 09.04.2021

Aid agencies can be harmful, says Somaliland tycoon

Ismail Ahmed, a refugee turned multimillionaire, says his country has had to battle ‘negative PR’

Aid agencies are hindering development and undermining efforts to attract investment in.. - source: The Guardian - 09.04.2021

Banks should invest in nature to fight climate crisis, says Prince William

Duke tells IMF and World Bank event that investment in reforestation and cleaner oceans must be stepped up

Banks can help to turn the tide in the battle against climate breakdown by.. - source: The Guardian - 08.04.2021

Sharp pick-up in UK construction amid rapid economic recovery

Surge in housebuilding joined by strong growth in infrastructure and commercial projects

Britain’s construction sector has had its sharpest pick-up in activity since 2014 amid signs that.. - source: The Guardian - 08.04.2021

US to enter post-Covid boom ‘torn by income inequality,’ says JP Morgan boss

Jamie Dimon says in shareholder letter economy on edge of ‘Goldilocks moment’ but upbeat news comes with caveats

The US has been “torn and crippled by politics, as well as racial and.. - source: The Guardian - 07.04.2021

G20 takes step towards global minimum corporate tax rate

Meetings of finance ministers follow change in US stance, with consensus growing on tackling tax avoidance

G20 finance ministers are exploring a global minimum tax on corporate profits,.. - source: The Guardian - 07.04.2021

UK’s top firms close at post-pandemic high after IMF report

Investor optimism rises after global body upgrades growth forecasts

Shares in the UK’s leading companies have closed at a post-pandemic high after hopes of economic recovery and calming.. - source: The Guardian - 06.04.2021

Western economies recovering faster than expected from Covid, says IMF

Growth forecast upgraded amid US and UK vaccine programmes and stimulus packages

Stronger recoveries from the Covid-19 pandemic in the US, the UK and other rich western countries will.. - source: The Guardian - 06.04.2021

The US used to fear federal spending, but Biden knows the mood has changed

To European eyes, the $2tn infrastructure plan may not be exceptional, but for America it seems revolutionary

From a European perspective, Joe Biden’s plans for a $2 trillion boost to.. - source: The Guardian - 04.04.2021

The Brexit elite cannot hope to fool us for much longer

Exiting the EU was not good for Britain. Greed did not bring us the vaccine. Johnson’s narratives will not stand the light of day

There can be few people who have not at some stage in.. - source: The Guardian - 04.04.2021

US economy adds 916,000 March jobs as vaccine rollout fuels hiring boom

Unemployment at 6% as businesses reopen and hire workersData shows 30% of Americans have had at least one vaccine shot

The US labor market went on a hiring spree in March, adding 916,000 jobs amid.. - source: The Guardian - 02.04.2021

The US dollar’s hegemony is looking fragile

The modernisation of China’s exchange-rate system could deal the currency a painful blow

The mighty US dollar continues to reign supreme in global markets. But the greenback’s.. - source: The Guardian - 02.04.2021

Increase for UK's lowest-paid workers comes as household bills rise

Statutory minimum wages go up on same day as inflation-busting increases to utility and phone bills

Approximately 2 million of the UK’s lowest-paid workers will receive a raise from.. - source: The Guardian - 31.03.2021