Exchange rates for UK - Compare foreign currencies versus GBP

Currency 30.09.2020
EUR Euro 0,9072
USD US Dollar 0,7738
INR Indian rupee 1,0520
AUD Australian Dollar 0,5544
CAD Canadian dollar 0,5792
CHF Swiss franc 0,8423
CNY Chinese yuan 11,4022
ZAR South African rand 0,0464
CZK Czech koruna 3,3501
DKK Danish krone 12,1880
NOK Norwegian krone 0,0827
HKD Hong Kong dollar 0,0998
HUF Hungarian forint 0,2498
ILS Israeli shekel 0,2262
JPY Japanese yen 0,7332
KRW South Korean won 0,0664
MYR Malaysian ringgit 0,1862
NZD New Zealand dollar 0,5115
PLN Polish zloty 0,2001
RUB Russian rouble 0,9970
SEK Swedish krona 8,6355
SGD Singapore dollar 0,5667
THB Thai baht 2,4486
TRY Turkish lira 10,0425
TWD Taiwan dollar 2,6736
SAR Saudi Riyal 0,2063

Exchange rate for 30 September 2020

Wednesday, the Pound has appreciated with respect to the Euro by 0,0063 units compared to the previous day. Thusly, the BoE has given an spot exchange rate of 0,9072 Pound for the Euro and of 0,7738 Pound for the American Dollar.

Here are the links to the exchange rate for 30 September 2020 and to exchange rate for 29 September 2020

Spot exchange rates

Spot exchange rate represent indicative middle market (mean of spot buying and selling) rates as observed by the Bank's Foreign Exchange Desk in the London interbank market around 4pm.

Spot rates are applicable to deals executed for settlement two working days later.

If you plan to acquire travel money in a foreign currency, keep in mind that the exchange office rates could be higher.

BoE exchange rate charts

Exchange rate chart